Hersey BrokenRuler: Privacy and Security

We believe strongly that your personal information should be closely guarded. We make a significant effort to ensure your privacy.

Our servers are configured to use industry-standard SSL encryption, ensuring that your username, password, and other information are sent securely to our servers. We use up to 256-bit long AES keys for secure communication, the same level of encryption that services like Amazon use for protection of personal information for millions of people.

The student ID number is used as a unique identifier, in order to ensure that students are able to access their accounts on later occasions. The ID numbers entered on this website will not be displayed to other users. Student ID numbers are created by the school using a well-known formula, even for other uses do not assume they are private.

Additionally, we won't give out any of your information to anyone outside of this web site unless you give us your permission. Of course, we will share your name with the people who are in your classes - that's the reason this web site exists!